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Copy CD

     Insert CD
  • Since music place is not a physical space we can promote many virtual views. One we promote here is "most recently added" grouped view where cds users have copied recently are populated.
      Automatically copy and play
  • Whenever users insert a cd our default experience is to copy and play it at the same time. We will provide a cue via countdown mechanism where users are given a choice to select other options. If users let it go, we will begin copying once the countdown has expired.
    Animating currently copy CD in most recently added
  • Users can see animating CD in most recently added in music library. When users click this album, they can see the detailed status about it.
      Status of copying CD
  • We want to leverage the preview pane to show progress off copying music to shell library. Here we will indicate
    Which song is being copied and what the overall copy
    Status is.
  • The status shows which song is playing and copying and how much time it does remain to finish.