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Device -cell phone & Audiotron

     Device 1
  • Home media devices become great PC peripherals with Longhorn.
  • Plug in any digital audio device.
      Device 2
  • Synch music we could (location: bar part, preview like copying CD)-assume enough storage for whole collection

    New Playlist(s)
    New CD(s)
    New Preset(s)
    Currently playing+queue on PC
    Album art+ rich metadata

        Device 3
  • Show interaction on Device (Q: Is the device UI the same as Window eHome?)
  • Playing the song you were listening to on your PC (queue)
  • Picking another song to play

    Device 4
  • While you are synching up your music to your device, you can see the indication on the sidebar. When users click it, the flyout will show the contents that are synching up now.

      Device 5
  • When users go out to part to listen music through thier device. However, they find that some songs are unable to play, so that they want to connect their computer to get these songs again.
    Device 6
  • unable to play some songs.
    Device 7
  • They connect their computer to get these songs again.
   Audiotron device
  • Show how Audiotron devices use same music collection and filters/playlists. show their UI with the Longhorn music collection