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     First experience
  • As first experience, we promote most recently add and music library. Most recently added is based on usage pattern we find songs that recently added in users' library.
  • We want to promote three tasks that we want to bubble up to users. These three tasks are not decided yet.
  • If users don't have metadata for thier CD, how do we want to update thier metadata? do we want to do it forground? or background?
      Missing metadata
  • Issue: We consider what the best experience to update and get metadata for music. which experience will be forground or background?
  • Longhorn starts filling in the blanks for meta-data in your music collection automatically.
  • Missing Album art starts filling in, and a list of recently added music is created dynamically.
    Most recently added
  • LH music will support auto preset based on users' usage patterns. Most recently added is one of these functions. After we filled up missing metadata, then users can see "most recently added album" from their music library.